Saturday, May 16, 2015

Laguna 5.11.15

Ok so i have no time today but LOOK WHERE WE WENT!! It is like a lake that used to be a volcano.  SO COOL!! I will send more pictures next week.  

I LOVED TALKING TO YOU ALL!! I just love all you people so so much!

hermana neff 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I love life. 5.4.15


This week has been craaazy!  We have been working como locas and we are definitely seeing blessings!  We had a baptism this week which was awesome. It almost didnt happen because her parents are really catholic, but in the end she got baptized!  It was a sweet baptism.  
We have found a lot of new investigators that are going to progress! A couple weeks ago we found a family that were having a lot of problems.  It is always really funny to me how many people ask for our advice concerning marriage. We are young girls that literally have no experience in that area, yet they ask for our help!  But as we talk with them (with the help of the spirit) focusing on gospel principles, their problems almost always get better.  So anyways the husband of this family was going to go to Esmeralda for 22 days.... he had signed a contract and everything.  So we fasted so that he wouldnt go (im serious this family was worth it)  And God worked a miracle!  He didnt go because he felt that he needed to stay with his family.   We talked to them on Sunday and they want us to visit them, but they arent ready to make any religious changes in their lives yet.  I was a little bummed, and i wanted to just stop visiting them all together!  But God worked a miracle for a reason.  So we are going to see what happens with them!  

Today we had transfers.  But nothing really changed, which i was so so happy about.  I want to finish trainig Hermana Maldonado and keep working in Ambato! It was her birthday this week so we ate a lot of cake and celebrated!  I love it so much here!  

We are seeing so many miracles every day and being so blessed.  I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost in my life.  I love the Lord. I love this gospel!  LA MISIÓN ES LO MÄXIMO!
Hermana Neff
Happy birthday Hermana Maldonado!
Do you like my chompa?
this is a delicious dish from Ecuador. Dont be weirded out if i come home putting popcorn in my soups.... 
I love my district! 
My BFF in the ward