Tuesday, December 8, 2015

los chillos 12.7.15

My new comp!

HI FAM!!! 

This week has been soooo long and sooo good and i dont have much time again today so bear with me!  

Ok this Sunday was PERFECT.  It was stake conference and i was sitting there with my companion  when i looked outside in the hallway and saw FAMILIA SABANDO AND FAMILIA QUISHPE!!! We were all freaking out just so so so so happy!  And i got to see hermano mauricio quishpe get the priesthood which was SO SPECIAL!! I had no idea so i was literally shaking i was so happy to see them all.  I dont know if you guys remember them but they are two families that are so so special to me.  

Then after the conference i saw Christian Rosero!!! He is doing SO AWESOME.  Literally it just made me remember all the miracles i saw with these people here almost a year ago, and to see that they are still active and strong in the church was a huge huge blessing for me. And then on top of that i saw all of the members and less active etc. from selva alegre it was just so happy!  Such a happy day for me. 

And to top it off a family that we found on Thursday came to church!!  SUCH MIRACLES AND BLESSINGS!!  With Hermana McGill we are working so hard.  She is a really good missionary and we get along so well.  It has been weird being with a Gringa after almost a year of Latinas!  But i am getting used to and loving it.  

Really we have just been talking so much about how blessed we are to have served a mission.  I am learning SO MUCH!  I feel like these last few months have been pretty hard, bit really good for my personal growth, and now The Lord is giving us lots of miracles!  

The members of the ward are aweomse.  So so so helpful and always asking what THEY can do to help us.  I love Los Chillos!   

and i love you all!! Have a GREAT WEEK!!
Hermana Neff

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