Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Rain 1.19.15

This week.  Where do i start??

First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAIGE! In like 3 days i think.... I hope you have a wonderful day!

So this week started off really great, and ended really great.

We went Tuesday and visited la familia sabando.  We were a little nervous for this lesson because we were going to teach tithing.  So we got there and we started the lesson off by asking Joconda if she had any idea what tithing was.  ANd then for the next probably half hour she explained what tithing was, how it had blessed her life, and how she would ALWAYS pay her tithing.  We literally didnt have to teach anything.  Ramone was a little hesitant but they all promised to keep the law of tithing!  BOO YAH!

Then later in the week it was pouring rain and it was freezing.  We went to visit Maria and Enrique.  We were casually sitting waiting to talk with them when Enrique runs in and sprays us with this soapy water stuff.  We were already soaked from the rain, but he just made it worse.  So then he walked out for a second and when he returned i got him back!  Hermana Bahr and i were dying of laughter.

It rained a lot this week.  Which made it a little bit harder to work.  The weather here is weird.  Because in the morning the sun is so so strong and so so hot- so we never bring our rain jackets.  But then in the evening it POURS!! So we are learning to just always have our rain jackets... even though sometimes it doesnt seem like it will rain!

SOmething hard that happened.  Christian was talking to us about how he doesnt like church because people are always on their phones etc.  Well, we some brought some members with us to the next lesson to try and help him. Without saying too much, they got a little defensive and really offended Christian.  ANd now he doesnt want to talk to us.  We are praying that his heart will be softened.  I learned from this experience that lots of times when people not of our faith attack our beliefs, our immediate response is to defend ourselves.  As a missionary i have learned that although we should always stand up for what we know is right, we should do it with love, understanding, and pacience.  Because our words can really hurt someone if we are not careful.

OKAY SO NOW THE MIRACLE.  FAMILIA SABANDO ACCEPTED A DATE FOR BAPTISM!!!!!  I am so so so so so so so happppppppyyyy!!  They are getting baptized the 7th of Feb.  Right before this transfer ends.  So we are praying praying praying that their date wont fall, and that we will be able to see their baptism!  It is SUCH a blessing to know this family.  I love them with my whole entire heart!  I honeslty cant imagine my life not knowing them.

Hermana Bahr and I are loving this transfer.  We always talk about how we dont want it to end because we get along SO WELL!  We had the opportunity to meet with President Christensen this week which was so great as well.

SOrry i know i am all over the place.  I just love my life!  Oh i almost forgot, today we went to Teleferico and we were up so so so high in the mountains and it was foggy and we couldnt see two feet in front of us!  But it was super fun!
Ok that is all!

have a happy week!
hermana neff

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