Monday, January 5, 2015

Ponder the path of thy feet: 1.5.15


This week has been interesting but great!

I am loving being with Hermana Bahr.  We are constantly laughing!  We are the only gringas in our zone and we are companions.  One of the Elders calls us the "asistentas." She only has two tranfers more than me in the mission, so we are learning A LOT and 100% enjoying every moment!  
On Wednesday we couldnt leave our house because all the men here dress up as "viudas" or widows or disgusting women and beg for money. It is quite frankly horrifying.  So we dont leave the house this day!  We watched church videos all day and really just bonded!  And then we went to bed early (at like 9).  Which was smart on our part because at 11 pm a drunk man (our neighbor on the first floor) started singing kareoke into a micraphone.  And do you know what hour he stopped? 8AM!!!!!  I am not sure how he didnt loose his voice or faint or something because he literally didnt stop the WHOLE NIGHT.  We hardly slept but i guess that is what happens when you live in Ecuador!  

The next day we were contacting and it was getting late.  It was a little bit dangerous because it was a Holiday.  Well we were walking around in the dark and this man pulled up next to us and told us to get into his car because it was dangerous and he didnt want something bad to happen to us.  We explained that we cant be in a car with just one man but that we would be ok.  He kept insisting and finally said, "i will drive along side of you and protect you"  So he literally drove along side us the WHOLE WAY!  We ended up teaching his family the first lesson and passing the reference to the Elders that work in his area.  It was a blessing to know that the Lord was watching out for us! 

Today we went to Quito and explored El Mercado!  I love the things of Ecuador!  There are millions of scrunchies and sweaters here my two favorite things in all the world. I LOVE ECUADOR!!! 
But more than the counrty, i love the people.  The Family Savando is praying right now to know if they should get baptized the 17th of January  or later.  I wish i could describe to you all just how much i love this family.  Everytime i am with them my heart is competely filled with love and hope for them.  Everytime i get back to the house at night i thank my Heavenly Father for giving me the opportunity to know them and love them.  I cant imagine my life not knowing them, and frankly i dont want to. 
God loves his children.  He loves each one of you.  And i know He loves me so so much for giving me the opportunity to be a missionary.  I know he doesnt need me here.  He could do all the things that i am going to do in my mission without me.  but I need to be here. Because I need to learn. And i need to grow. I love being a missionary!  It is interesting because even though i am far from all of you, and tired all the time, and in a country super different from my own... i am HAPPY! And i love my life.  I often reflect on the talk President Monson gave in the most recent general conference.  And the scripture he shared from Proverbs.  "Ponder the path of thy feet." The path i walk every day isnt always easy, but i feel happy.  And i know i feel happy because i am serving others as a true represantative of Jesus Christ.  And i am doing what he would do if he were here.  We should all take a moment to "ponder the path of our feet." To really evaluate if we are going everything that The Lord expects of us, and if we arent... let us make a change! 

I love you all with all my heart.  
Hermana Neff 

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