Monday, December 29, 2014

LOS CHILLOS 12.29.14

ok. First off. thank you seventh ward primary for the most darling apron i have ever recieved in my whole life!  I want you all to know that the mission is the BEST thing in the world and that one day you can all go too!  I love you!
Also, please thank the Cederlofs for their kind note and words of encouragement!  I love the support from our ward! 

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!  I absolutely LOVED talking with you people and i miss you terribly! But i am happy to be here in the mission!  Today we had transfers and i had to say goodbye to Hermana Monzon.  It was actually pretty sad!  I love her so so much.  She is such a good example of a hardworking missionary and i was so blessed to have her finish my training!
I am staying here in Los Chillos and my new companion is..... Hermana Bahr!  She is the sister whos family you called when we were skyping to help her find out her skype name and password.  She wasnt my companion at the time... but now she is!  We are both super tall gringas and i love it!  She only has two transfers more than i do, but she speaks spanish super well, so i am not worried about it!  I am super happy to be staying here in Selva Alegre because i LOVE this ward.  I love this area so so much!  I think i would maybe be content to stay here my whole mission.  I love it!

This week was crazy!  Tuesday we sang in the San Luis (a mall) and it was so fun!  My companion and I (hermana Bahr but we werent companions at the time) sang White Christmas together in english and it went super well!  It was fun to sing together as a zone and we practiced HOURS to make it good!  

On wednesday we worked and ate basically..... Maria made us a full turkey which we ate.  and it was delicious.  And the members kept wanting to feed us and give us things!  It is so humbling to be around these people at Christmas time.  Because even though they have their own families to worry about, they still love to do something for the missionaries.  Ah i love this ward!  I love this country!  

On Thursday we talked for skype. I really loved seeing you all with your smiling happy faces!  The mission really helps you to appreciate your family.  And i appreciate you all so much!  Which by the way mommy i got your package and i am in HEAVEN!  I died when i saw the carmels.  My companions (we are in a trio until Thursday) really want me to share and i am a tad bit reluctant..... 

Friday and Saturday were normal days!  We worked and found a less active who i love so much.  Her name is Mirian and she is always willing to do anything for us.  I know that we are going to help her get back to church!  

So the majority of our investigators aren´t progressing.  Which is hard.  But this Sunday the Familia Savando came to church.  And they loved it!  And we visited them last night and.... THEY WANT TO BE BAPTIZED!!!!!  We still dont have a date set but i am so so so so so so happy!  I love this family with my whole entire heart.  It has been absolutely amazing to see their progress over these past (almost 8 weeks).  And in all honestly, as missionaries we haven´t done really anything.  God has worked in each one of them, and he is changing their hearts. They are reading the Book of Mormon together and they didnt have a desire at first.  But i know that this book is helping that desire and their faith to grow.  I KNOW that the Book of Mormon has POWER.  I know that this book can change hearts.  It can change every single one of us.  I know that my personal conversion has come through reading the Book of Mormon.  And encourage you all to read and study it every single day. 

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