Monday, December 8, 2014

There are fleas in my bed. LOS CHILLOS 12.8.14

What is uppppp 
I cant really even remember what happened this week... but i have some funny stories.  

So we are working with this less active (Maria) Right now she is living with her boyfriend (Enrique) but we are trying to help them get married!  Anyways they are our  good friends and they always give me coke (which by the way is so much better in Ecuador).  So the other day we were talking with Maria and her daughter Wendy... they were telling us how Enrique always has to be right.  Well, it was funny because whenever my companion corrects my spanish i always say "I know" even though i dont and we always have a good laugh over it!  So anyways we are talking with Maria and Wendy and my companion says "that sounds like hermana Neff! Hermana Neff, usted es Enriqua!"  So i guess i am girl Enrique.  I am Enriqua. 

Also, today as a zone.... we larped.  I am not kidding we made cardboard swords and fought for our lives.  It was so much fun!  The things we do as missionaries....
Hermana Monzon and I also got our nails done... i never ever thought i would get my nails done in Ecuador, but we had time today and it is super cheap here! 
So i was feeling pretty down this Sunday because none of our investigators came to church.  I prayed and prayed that they would come and they didnt.  But i learned something very important. Every person has their agency.  And i cannot control them.  But i can control how i will react to these situations.  As church continued on i started to feel better and better.  I couldnt figure out why i was feeling better unitl i realized that i was the spirit. My comfort and my friend.  The mission is not an easy thing.  Sometimes i feel stressed, tired, anxious, etc. But i know that i can always pray for peace and it will come.  I love my Father in Heaven for giving me this gift.  The gift of the spirit.  The negative feelings that come from Satan can always be beat by the feelings of the spirit.  And i feel this every single day in my mission!  We have this gift.  I am grateful for the opportunity i have to help others find this gift!  

There is a video on called "He is the Gift" and i encourage all of you to share it share it share it!!!  I absolutely love it.  It is a good reminder of what, or rather who, should be our focus at Christmas time.  I am grateful for the opportunity i have to serve Christ during this wonderful time of year.  

hermana Neff 
p.s. i am 99% sure that there are fleas in my bed and...... our house doesnt have water right now...  weird how i still love this place with all my heart! 

I was WAY too excited about my lego set. 

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