Monday, December 15, 2014

A Christmas Dinner: LOS CHILLOS 12.15.14


I am thrilled to be writing you all! I hope all is well wherever you may be!  

This week was super fun! We spent a lot of time with our zone because we were practicing a choir to perforn for the President Christensen!  We sang 5 songs for him and had our Christmas dinner!  I love President and Hermana Christensen.  They are wonderful and so kind!  We ate, played with bells, and played white elephant!  I won a toy chicken so i was pretty excited about that.  
I love the opportunites that i have to spend with other missionaries.  I love that fact that we are all so united in one cause.  Bringing others to Christ. And what that really means.  I love when we are all together.  I love being a missionary!  I think i love it because of the people that i get to work with, but also because i feel spiritually protected.  The days are not easy in the mission.  They are tiring and at times, frustrating.  But as missionaries, we recieve the strength of the Lord.  And the opportunity to learn something new every day.  

We are super busy here in Los Chillos.  I feel like we never have enough time in the day for everything we want to do!  The Family Savando is progressing... slowly but surely.  I love the moments that i spend with them.  I am always so amazed about how full my heart is with love for them, and for the people her in Los Chillos.I cannot imagine my life not knowing them! 

We were blessed to find a new investigator this week.  She is wonderful and so open to our message!  Her name is Jolanda and she lives alone, but has an amazing relationship with our Heavenly Father.  

I guess that is it!  Our investigators are progressing slowly but surely.  I have realized that what i need is pacience.  Sometimes i just want to get on my knees and beg them to be baptized.  But the truth is baptism is not a covenant with missionaries.  It is a covenant with God. So i am being patient and praying really hard for them!  And i have faith that one day they will be baptized and recieve ALL the blessings of the gospel.  

I love you all so so much!  I hope that you have a wonderful week!  

Hermana Neff 
 the only person taller than me in Ecuador... and she's an Ecuadorian too!
welcome to the beauty of Ecuador!
washing clothes!

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