Monday, December 1, 2014

Milagros 12.1.14

This week was sooooo good!
So first we had an activity with our zone.  We went to an old folks home here in Ecuador and sang songs to the people there.  It was super hilarious and adorable and i loved it.  

On Wednesday (i think) we were walking out of a less actives house and i saw this middle aged woman cleaning in front of her house.  I felt like we should talk with her, so i walked up to her and started a conversation.  She told us we could visit her Friday and i didnt really think anything of it.  We visited her on Friday and her and her son accepted a date to be baptized.  It was super cool to look back at Wednesday and realized that the spirit was working through me!!

That same Wednesday we didnt have anywhere to go and we werent sure what to do.  Hermana Mollo and I had been visiting a family called the famliy Chano.  They were super great, but worked and studied every Sunday.... so we had to stop visiting them.  But this Wednesday i felt like we should stop by and visit them again.  So we did.  Turns out the Hermana Silvana is no longer studying on Sundays and her husband isnt working.  Miracle!!  They accepted a baptismal date as well!  We were so happy! 

We had been visiting the Family Savano for awile.  The mother, Joconda has cancer.  We have had some really great visits with them, but they hadnt been attending church for three weeks and we werent really sure how to help them. We didnt have the opportunity to visit them this last week and we werent excptecting them to come to church either.  

So Sunday comes around.  We had been really focusing on the Famlily Chano and Paula (the girl we found cleaning in front of her house) and were praying super hard for them to come to church.  It was stake conference in los chillos and we had saved seats and everything.  Both the familia chano and paula said they were going to come.  So we waited. and waited. and waited.  They didnt come.  I was on the brink of completely loosing my faith when i looked in the hallway and saw...... JOCONDA!!  Her whole entire family.  It was a miracle.  Joconda, Ramone, Kevin, Helen, and Diana.  I cannot express the joy i felt in that moment.  They loved church and that night accepted a baptismal date for the twentieth of December.  It is amazing to watch the spirit working in them.  I can sincerely see the Lord changing their hearts and strengthening their faith.  

I realized yesterday that even though i think i know what is going to happen in my mission, in all honestly i have no idea.   I may really really want certain things to happen, but the truth is, EVERYTHING is in the hands of the Lord.  This is HIS work, all that we do is HIS will, and he is constantly preparing and putting people in our pathway. People that he trusts we can love and do our best to help.I dont know what will happen with our investigators here in Los Chillos.  I dont know what the Lord has in mind for them.  But i do know that he has a plan for them, and he has given me the opportunity to play a part in their lives.  And i love them.  So much.  And i love the Lord for giving me the opportunity to know and love his children here in Ecuador. 

This gospel is true.  Although i may not speak this language perfectly, i can feel the spirit working in me as i strive to do my best in helping these people. 


Hermana Neff

p.s. we taught a family this week and the father told us that it talks about aliens in the bible..... hm. 

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