Tuesday, November 25, 2014

LOS CHILLOS 11.24.14

How is everyone?? 
I am doing great!!
My new companion is seriously the light that i needed in this transfer.  We have so much fun together!  She is teaching me how to work hard, but how to enjoy it as well.  
So we were visiting a less active this week.  And her boyfriend Enrique was there.  We have been teaching him lots, but he isnt baptized and he cant get baptized until him and Maria get married. In this lesson was the daughter of maria (wendy) and her husband (Santiago)  They are also inactive.  So we asked Santiago to give the closing prayer and her really didnt want to.  So Enrique offered to help him and started to pray.  He says " ENrique, you say, Heavenly Father, thank you for this day...... and other nice things other nice things like that"  Hahahaha we were DYING.  Ok maybe it isnt as funny over email but we were dying.  And then we sang Nearer My God to Thee and he was singing HORRIBLY:  i was trying so hard not to laugh, but i loved it because he was singing from his heart. As i sat with them i saw an eternal family.  I felt that i wanted to do everything i could to help them obtain the goal of an eternal family.   Santiago eventually said the prayer and GUESS WHAT:  HE CAME TO CHURCH!! They only stayed for 1 hour, but it was definitely a miracle.  

We are teaching a woman named Claudia, she listened to the missionaries before, but didnt want to be baptized.  We are confident that now is her time! She loves church, the only problem is that she doesnt want to leave her catholic traditions.  We have faith that her heart will change!

I am so happy about the miracles that we saw this week, but the truth is, i realized something.  Maybe Maria, Enrique, Santiago, Wendy will never be active again in the church, maybe Claudia, the Family Savando, and the Family Asipuela will never be baptized.  But that isnt what is important.  I am here to simply make a mark on their lives.  And if i can help them even just a little on their path to eternal life, then i have done what i was sent to do. Because everything that happens in my mission and in our lives is what the Lord wants for us.  Sometimes it isnt easy to accept, but if we press forward with faith... good things will happen for us. 

I love the hymn Master the Tempest is Raging and the story that goes with it.  When the apostles said "carest thou not that we perish?" and the Savior asks them why they were so afraid, where was their faith??  Arent there times in our lives when we ask, "Carest thou not that we perish?" " What motivates us to ask this question? It is our lack of faith.  I am realizing that i need to increase my faith.  I am grateful that Father in Heaven is patient with my weakness and is constantly helping me strengthen them.  I love him! 

I love you humans will my whole heart.  
hermana neff 

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