Monday, November 3, 2014

LOS CHILLOS 11.3.14 "The joy of tomorrow comes after the work of today."

How are you all??? 
My life is wacky-as usual. 
This week was interesting. Here in Ecuador they celebrate dia de los muertos.  So i ate a lot of colada morada and wawa de pan.  Which i realize none of you know what this is and there is no other way to explain it other than HEAVEN.  The sad part is they only eat it for three days in the year. This is the tradition.  So until next year! 
Also, it stormed. A lot.  The storms here are actually quite terrifying.  The lightning is always super close and loud and i usually feel like i am going to die... but at the same time i love them! 
So our investigator Eladia dropped us.  We were pretty sad, but the best thing to do in those situations is get back to work! So that is what we did.  We got back to work!  We have a couple new investigators that i will tell you more about next week. 
So the goal of our mission is to become a bilingual mission. So the spanish speakers are learning english while the english speakers learn spanish.  In our district we are having prayers in english every week.  So i think my district leader (trying to be nice) asked me to pray in english.  It was the hardest thing of my life!  I could not do it.  I struggled and struggled.  I guess that is what happens when you only speak in spanish for a month! After 18 months i think i will have forgotten english....

Today we went to this waterfall in the mountains called Rubybosque.  SO COOL!!  
Ecuador is seriously one of the most beautiful places on planet earth! I love it here.  Even though i am in a more difficult area, the Lord is always with me!  I feel him giving me strength in every moment. 
I sort of had a major realization this week.  Because in all honestly i was feeling pretty bad.  All of our appointments fell through and no one was really wanting to talk with us.  I had heard countless times how joyous missionary work is, but i havent felt that joy yet.  I have felt peace and happiness yes, but joy? So i was thinking about this and the words came into my mine "The joy of tomorrow comes after the work of today."  If we want to have joy, then we must be willing to work for it.
I love you all with todo mi corazon.  I love this gospel.  I love the Lord!
hermana neff 
oh and ps happy halloween!

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