Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Grace. LOS CHILLOS 11.11.14

first off. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDY JACK!!!  I cannot believe you are nine. Wow. Ok at least i think you are nine. I am forgetting everything these days so i could possibly be wrong, but happy birthday! 

So this week we had the opportunity to go to the Panecillo.  It is a really cool statue that overlooks the city of Quito.. actually it is a little creepy but we had fun!  I wish you all could see the city of Quito.  It is so so beautiful.  

Ok so being a really tall gringa here in Ecuador can be interesting at times.  For example, i was buying some water at this little tienda in the street.  When i starting speaking in spanish to the owner of the store he freaked out!  And then when i told him i was nineteen years old he freaked out even more!  He kept saying to his wife "Que linda!" hahaha i was dying.  And my companion is sometimes bitter because the people here love gringos.  Well, i´m not complaning!  

Then we were waiting outside this investigators house and i was talking with a group of little girls.  They kept asking me to teach them english... so i started teaching them english. I loved it! I love the children in Ecuador.  Seriously the cutest kids in all the world.  So anyways  Then this guy pulled up in his car and asked if i was teaching english classes.  I told him that if he listened to our message i could teach him a little english.  Well he wasnt too happy about that.. and drove away.  

Press on! 

So we have some new investigators.  Three families who are seriously so great! In one of the famlies the mother has cancer.  But she has so much faith and i love learning from her great example!  I love when we tell people to pray to know if Joseph Smith is a prophet of God becuse if they do, they always recieve an answer.  I know that God answers prayers.  Sometimes i want to give up on people.  Sometimes i have a lot of fear to teach them, because i dont feel like i can help them.  Whenever i have these feelings i am reminded that every person that lives and has ever lived on this earth is a Child of God.  And he loves them.  And when i have this perspective, i am not afraid.  I know that he answers our prayers.  I pray every day for him to give me strength, and every day he gives me strength.  

I know that sometimes we simply cannot change our circumstances.  And i know that life can be hard. Hard things happen.  We feel tired, rundown, overwhelmed, stressed.  And we cannot change the things that are happening to us.  But i know that we can ALWAYS change.  As we plead with the Lord for his help, he will always give us the strength to face our trials.  Through his saving grace and love, we can grow and learn.  We can become strong enough to face any challenge in our lives.  The Lord is strengthening me.  Every day, and i love him for it.  

This transfer is almost over!  Which means Hermana Mollo is leaving me.  I have a lot of fear because the area is still new to me, but i know that with the strength of the Lord I CAN DO IT! I am ready and willing to face new challenges that come my way, because i have faith in the grace of our Lord and Savior. 

I love you all so much!  Have a wonderful week!
Hermana Neff

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