Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Never give up! Los Chillos 11.17.14

I made it through my first transfer!! And i said goodbye to Hermana Mollo.  It was a little sad, but she was excited to return home! I have learned so much from this transfer.  I have learned to work hard and be obedient.  and that when things get hard, we need to always press forward!

My new companion is Hermana Monzon. She is from Peru. This is her last transfer in the mission so i guess i am a killer!  But she is SO GREAT!  She has so much energy and excitement about the work.  I am so excited to work with her for this transfer.  I am staying in Los Chillos also, which i am grateful for the warmer weather that we enjoy here!!

This week i learned something very important.  In the mission, there are days when i simply want to give up.  To sleep longer, to put off working, to really just rest.  This week i realized that this is not an option.  Ever.  Whether we are serving a mission, or serving in a calling, or raising a family... it doesnt matter.  We can never give up.  Because our perfect example, our Savior Jesus Christ, NEVER gave up.  He devoted his life to the salvation of souls. He taught, loved, and served all his life. He was rejected, despised, and i am sure he was quite frequently exhausted. He suffered for us more than we could ever imagine.  Even after he performed the perfect act of love, the atonement, he didnt stop working.  After his death he could have rested, yet we read in 1 Peter 3:18-19 that he continued in the work of salvation in the Spirit World.  If the Savior after his death did not rest, then what right have we to give up?  To rest from our own work in this life?  It is not easy, but was it ever easy for our Lord?

The great blessing is that we do not have to work alone.  As we read in Jacob  5:72, the Lord will labor with us in his vineyard.  He will give us strength to complete our work in this life.  I am ever grateful for him and his sacrifice. How blessed are we to know of this message? And because we know it, how much more is our responsibility to share it?

I love you all very much!  I am sorry i dont have too much to say about this week.  Only that once again we ate SO MUCH!  EVERYONE wanted to feed us because Hermana Mollo was leaving.  Seriously almost threw up... a few times.  But that i guess is the mission right?!?!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!  ¡Seguir adelante!
Hermana Neff
ps sorry no pictures.. we had a busy week! love you all!!

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