Tuesday, October 28, 2014

LOS CHILLOS 10.27.14


So this week has been... well a little bit hard and weird. and really funny at times too.  

So Eladia was supossed to have her baptismal interview this Sunday, but she didnt come to church.  So that was pretty sad.  We are visiting her tonight to see what happened!  But we honestly have no idea. It is super frusterating at times because we think our investigators have testimonies and then they back out of baptism, or have fear, or.... well who knows!  And in this area it is not easy to find new investigators.  Very few people want to listen to us!  But we have decided that either we need to have more faith, or Heavenly Father wants us to learn something from this.  So we are pressing forward!

So on wednesday (i think it was wednesday....) i ate more than i have ever eaten in my entire life.  The people here LOVE to feed the sister missionaries.  So we went to have lunch at a less actives house.  She fed us well... chicken, rice, beans, cake... etc.  Then as we were leaving she made us sandwiches for the road.  Super super nice of her.  Sidenote: her mom is super old and LOVED me.  She was kissing my face and pinching my cheeks like i was a five year old.... hahaha so so funny.  my companion was dying.  Then after we visited another less active.  My companion had to use the bathroom (which i panic every time this happens because i have to make conversation with the person we are visitng haha) but i was talking with her  (her name is Rosa... sidenote again: every woman here is named either Rosa or Maria) and i asked her if she likes cooking and what she likes to cook.  Well then she asks me how much time we have and i say ten minutes and she starts cooking green bananas for us.  Then rice.  Then she pulls a full fish out of her freezer, chops it in half, and starts cooking it.  At this point i really am panicking because i am feeling bien lleno.  But she put it all on a plate and we ate it all.  And i am pretty sure in the process i swallowed a few fish bones..oops. THEN.  We really had to go to the bathroom so we stopped at a members house to use their bathroom and they insisted on giving us cake! (The members here ALWAYS insist on giving us food, but NEVER insist on giving us references!)  So then after we went to another less actives house and they fed us break and some really yummy drink that didnt taste so yummy because i was seriously going to barf.  haha this country is loco, but i love it.  

Spanish.... well it is coming.  I only have three weeks left with Hermana Mollo so i am going to try and speak as much as i can! 

Today we went to the Basillica.  The city Quito is so beautiful.  And this basillica really was amazing. I cant believe it!  I walked around thinking about dad.  It is so special to walk in the same places that you have walked papa!   
I just want you all to know that Heavenly Father loves families.  I am so so so grateful for my family.  Almost every day i sing or listen to families can be together forever.  I always tear up because i love my family so much.  And the mission has helped my appreciate how incredibly grateful i am that we get to be together. forever. 
I love you all so very much. 
hermana neff 

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