Monday, October 13, 2014

LOS CHILLOS 10.13.14

This week has been LOCO!!  
So we got to Ecuador and did training and such until Thursday. I love my mission president.  They are so wonderful!  I am very blessed to have them!  On Thusday i got my new companion.  She is latina from Bolivia.  She speaks maybe 10 words of english.... so i am learning spanish fast!  She only has 5 weeks left in her mission and most of her time here, she spent as sister training leader.  She is a GREAT missionary.  I am learning so much from her!  but it is a little scary because when she leaves,  i have to show the new companion the area, introduce her to all the members etc. etc.  So i really need to learn fast! 
So I am in Los Chillos!  An area in Quito that is beautiful!  It is a mountain/valley city and i love it.  We are completely surrounded by Volcanos!  Like huge volcanos! haha kinda scary, but awesome!
So in my first lesson here i couldnt understand much, but we were teaching and all the sudden i heard mooing. Like loud.  After the lesson we walked outside and there was just a herd of cows, walking down the street... casually.  There are also lots of horses and chicken and roosters.  I hate the roosters.  They wake me up at 5 every morning.  There are also billions of dogs.  They scare me a little bit.  

Our apartment is great!  And i looooove the food here! The members are also wonderful.  It is amazing how different i feel when i am in the home of a member over a non member.  I am so grateful to have been raised in this gospel.  It is TRUE!  
So one day this week we were contacting and werent finding anyone (the people arent very humble in this area) anyways we prayed to find one family and... we found four!  But we only taught one and they didnt come to church and we havent gotten in contact with the others... but it was a witness to me that God is helping us!  Even though we are just two young girls! 

the people here are all super catholic or jehova witness. So we dont have much success contacting. 
But we do have three investigators!  Pedro, Eladia, and the familia borrero.  Pedro lives alone and is really smart.  He has lots of questions and talks A LOT.  Eladia is an angel.  I love her so much.  She is gaining a testimony and i love teaching here.  The Familia borrero is more sceptical.  They dont have a baptismal date and dont want one because they dont feel like they are ready.  But they came to church!  And pedro and Eladia as well.  Hermana Mollo and I were SO HAPPY!!  

Anyways i am well and happy! and learning a lot! 
hermana neff 

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