Thursday, October 9, 2014

CCM 10.6.14

Ok so i get to send another email because i will miss my p-day this week which is such a blessing because i get to tell you all about my favorite parts of conference!!  Conference was amazing right?? 
I guess i will just share some general things with you that i learned

-SUSTAIN THE PROPHET! I love our beloved prophet Thomas S. Monson.  This also includes us sustaining ALL church leaders. 

-Kindness is powerful. We need to be a little kinder and loving towards everyone! 

-This was probably my favorite "self improvement over self contentment"  We can all make GOOD choices, but we should constantly be striving to make choices of excellence.  Making a good choice is making a choice of self contentment, a choice that is less than excellent.  Making the BEST choice, a choice of self improvement, is making a choice of excellence. 

-Have NO fear of men. Love all people, despite your differences with them (because perfect love casteth out all fear).  But do not lower your standard of choice because you fear them more than you fear God. 

-When we take the sacrament, we should consider how the grace of Jesus Christ can help us be better in the week to come! in this same talk Sister Esplin mentioned how Aaronic Priesthood holders represent Christ when they administer the sacrament.  When she said that i got a little emotional as i thought of Ben.  I am so proud of him and his wonderful example of Jesus Christ.  I love that boy!

-Dad, didn´t you like the talk about how the ward needs to be united in saving souls??  (by Chi Hong Wong)  You have the power to make this a reality in the seventh ward!  I have learned a lot this week in the MTC about how missionaries and ward members have to work together.  It is so exciting! 

-We bear the responsibility for our actions.  All of our life changes must be SELF-WILLED.  They cannot come in any other way.  And when we decide to make changes, i know that the Lord will help us.  

-Study the scriptures!! Gathering light is a life long search! We cannot ever learn everything the scriptures contain! It is so exciting that the Lord will reveal his eternal truths and doctrines to us if we will simply study them. 

-I love that Elder Uchtdorf said that our personal testimony of light will bless our posterity.  I thought a lot about Grandma Anderson and the many conversations we have had about the gospel.  Her testimony has truly bless my life! I also thought about Grandpa Neff and the many conversations we have had about missionary work.  They have also blessed my life.  Mom and Dad, your testimonies have strengthened me my whole life.   Thank you. i love you!

-Spiritual questions deserve spiritual answers. 

-What are we willing to give up to follow the Lord?

-Ask God how we can be charitable and generous.  He will guide us

-Look to God and live

-leave a rich legacy of faith for those who follow us

-live the gospel joyful 

-Walk the paths of Christ.  Be his disciple.  Walk AS he walked. 

-Ponder the path of your feet

-study the doctrine of Christ.  Live it and love it. 

-from time to time ask yourself what you can be doing better. avoid the small errors.  

-do family history work!

- How can our own personal ministries answer the prayers of others?? 


There is so much more! But those were my favorite points.  We are so so blessed to have living prophets who guide our church today! 

Ok so now.  I am leaving the CCM:
I will miss my district. so much. 
I will miss my teachers (probably the best teachers on planet earth)
I will miss the food (especially the fruit)
I will miss the amount of study time i have
I will miss mucho mango arizonas and access to peanut butter
I will miss Tuesday night devotionals and Sunday night movies.

I will miss so much about this beautiful place!  I have truly loved my time here.  But i am ready!  I am so ready to get to the mission field and start teaching.  Please pray for me. Next time we talk... i will be in Ecuador!  

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