Tuesday, October 21, 2014

LOS CHILLOS 10.20.14

Hey FAM.  
Como estan ustedes?? 
The mission is WACKY!! haha seriously every day is quite the experience.  It is not easy but it get better every day! And i am learning so much.  every day.  

Ok so first off i am literally the tallest human in this whole country.  I have met two people taller than i am and one of them is an elder from California. Haha i TOWER.  Also, it rains every day which i love (when i have my umbrella) 

Second this sector is hard.  It is reffered to as la prueba de su fe.  Because the people have lots of money and are totally content with their life.  some people we talk to say that they are busy and will never have time to hear our message.  too busy.  Or they are a bit nicer and give us a fake address and telephone number.  Or they are strict catholic and get really mad at us...... haha it isnt easy but we are pressing forward with faith!
Third i have a testimony of fasting!  This week Eladia didnt want to take lessons from us amymore.  We asked her what happened and she didnt give us a straight answer.  So we fasted. The day after she recieved us again!  And accepted a date for baptism! We were so happy for her.  

Our other investigator Pedro is really hard because he wants to talk about everything BUT the gospel. And of course i cant understand much of what he says so i just try to not fall asleep during the lessons. 
I had my first baptism!  I know what your are thinking. "She is so amazing wow best missionary ever two weeks in the field already has a baptism!" WRONG! Haha i wish i could say i did anything for this girl and her baptism... but i didnt.  However, i have a lot of love for her and i have had the opportunity to teach her and her family a little bit! Her name is abigail. 
Ok another thing.  I really dont like contacting.  It is scary and i never know what to say or even have time to think about what i want to say! This week we were blessed to have the mission president and his wife visit our sector.  Our president pointed out this passage of scripture that has really changed my heart! 1 John 3:7-18.  PLEASE READ.  I am serious.  If we do not have love for other then we CANNOT know God.  Because God IS love.  And because he gives his love so freely to us, we must give our love freely to others. And having this love leads us to testify of him, beause is we want to bless the lives of others! And if we have love then we will have boldness, because there is no fear in love. Perfect love casteth out all fear.  
I love you all so much.  It brings me so much joy to hear of your successes.  Life is sweet. And being here has made me realize that what makes life so sweet is the gospel of Jesus Christ.  
Keep pressing forward with faith!!
Hermanita Neff (We are Hermanitas to the members here... i love them) 
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Mi casa

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