Monday, July 6, 2015

Ambato 6.29.15


So this week we saw some miracles!  In our zone we are doing something to be more like Christ everyday and on Wednesday Sister Willson and i decided to exercise our faith and contact in an area where most the people are really rich and it is almost impossible to get in!  So anyways we went and contacted and most of the people that answered were just the cleaning ladies, but we walked by a little tienda and i felt that i should walk inside.  We walked in and began talking with a young mom who is 20.  She told us that she has been looking for the true church! She has a lot of doubts, but The Lord blessed us with someone to teach... and He blessed us for our faith!  

Then on Saturday we went to visit a contact that we had made.  Well, he wasnt home.. but he lives close to where our old investigator Carolina lives.  We had to stop visiting her because she worked every single day and never had time for us to visit her.  But i felt prompted to walk by her house and to see if she was there.  At first i didnt want to, but we did and she was home!  It was truly a miracle.  

I realized this week that there are lots of moments in my mission when i just dont want to do something.  A lot of times there are certain people that i think i dont need to visit because "im sure they are fine" or " they dont want to recieve us right now".  But i realized this week that when i have those thought, that is when i need to go visit them EVEN MORE. Because those types of thoughts usually come from the adversary.  So family and friends, when you get a prompting to visit or help someone... JUST DO IT!  Dont think, just act.  Because i have learned that when we think, the adversary usually tries to convince us not to act.... and you know and i know that we never want him to win the fight!  

We are seeing lots of challenges in our sector, but working despite the difficulties.  I have faith that The Lord has good things in store for us.  

Be happy.  Go visit someone that needs love!  Share kind words and read the Book of Mormon EVERY DAY!!


hermana neff

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