Monday, July 6, 2015



Training again.... and loving it!  I´ll be honest, i think i was a little less than excited when i got the call to train again, but I AM SO HAPPY NOW!  I am training another girl from Argentina, Hermana Willson.  She is the best.  I have never had such a good teaching pattern with anything and we really feel the spirit in the lessons that we have.  She is so kind and so loving and i am learning so much from her.  I am really really content.  

I spent Monday and Tuesday with Hermana Molina- we talked a lot about training it was so fun being with her.  I have made so many friends like Hermana Molina here in the mission that have really become some of my best friends and favorite people in the world.  

On wednesday we went to Quito to pick up the missionaries we would be training.  When i walked in the church i saw Hermana Grace Gardiner!!  It was such a happy reunion.  And it turns out that Hermana Molina (like i said my good friend and i also trained her)  is training Hermana Gardiner!! And we are in the same zone so i see her all the time, which is so so fun!  

We have a few investigators progressing because people FINALLY came to church this sunday! I am so happy.  I love Ambato so much.  I would spend my whole mission here if i could.  I love the ward, the people, our investigators etc.  Oh and this week we had a funny but kinda scary experience.  This guy walks up to us and starts yelling at us telling us that we are false prophets.  He was obviously crazy and i didnt know what to do because i didnt want my new companion on her second day in the mission to start freaking out.  He told us that we had to tell him the 10 commandments by memory to prove that we werent false preachers.  And well, i dont actually know the 10 commandments by memory so i was freaking out a little because he started getting closer and yelling louder.  BUT, i used my charm and in the end we became friends-although i pray that i will never cross paths with this loco again.  

I feel like i always say the same things to you people.  That i am content, happy, and at peace!  I feel The Lord´s love for me and i feel a love for the doctrines of the gospel. I have been been thinking specifically about prophets lately.  The blessing it is to have a prophet to lead any guide the people here on the earth.  I never want the mission to end. I love life and i love this gospel with all my heart.  Missionary work is the hardest and best thing that any person can do, and i am so grateful i chose to serve.  


Hermana Neff 

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