Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Lord is merciful. Riobamba 9.7.15


Ok SO.  This week.

On Monday and Tuesday we were in Quito for the leaders conference.  A LOT of missionaries were finishing and gave their "final testimony."  It was sweet, but i am so not ready for that yet. Oh also i was sick and throwing up... i think we ate something bad in a restuarant.... but i am better now!

The other days in this week have been crazy.  We have been having troubles getting ahold of our miracle from last week Andres.  I am pretty bummed about it, but i know that The Lord has a plan for him and that everything will work out!

So we are seeing so many miracles.  I dont think i have seen so many miracles for my whole mission!  That being said... on Saturday i was feeling very frustrated.  I was honestly asking myself why on earth am i here, working so hard for OTHER people´s salvation... and they dont even care!?!?!?!  Ok (ya maybe thats harsh, but i am being honest.)

That night i felt that The Lord was not pleased with my attitude that day.  I felt that He understood me and my feelings.... but only because (and i honestly felt this)  HE has probably said the SAME THING about me, and my actions at times in my life!  It was really actually almost funny when i realized that I had absolutely NO PLACE to be frustrated with everyone else, when i am not yet perfect... and will not be in this life!  It was an eye opener for me.

That being said, I know that The Lord loves me.  He is so merciful with me.  I cant help but get teary in this internet cafe, in the middle of freezing cold Riobamba Ecuador, as i write these words, because of how i feel.  On Sunday He gave us a miracle.  We found a woman and her daughter, who have gone to church three times and recently experienced a tragic death in their family.... and they NEED the gospel.  And they WANT it.  We invited them to baptism for the 26th of september and they accepted.  While we walked home i just felt so grateful, because.... in spite of the fact that i am so WEAK, and human, and sometimes i let the natural man get the best of me... The Lord still trusts me!  And He still loves me.  He is so merciful with His children!  I just want to be more like Him.

Transfers were today.  I am staying with Hermana Costa in Riobamba!  She finishes her mission this transfer.


Something funny i told dad this week.. every time i tell someone that my name is Hermana Neff they always say "nice to meet you hermana INES"  It drives me crazy!

Have a very happy week!

Hermana Neff

P.S. This week there was another miracle!! We found this family whos dad is a less active from forever ago and his family is really having a hard time (the rest arent memebrs).  His daughter told us that she had been praying to find a religion to join because she feels that there can only me one true pathway that leads us back to God.... and that we showed up!  Just another testimony to me that this church is TRUE!!

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