Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Sacrament. Riobamba 9.14.15


OK i dont have much time today.  But i wanted to say first off.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! I hope you had just the best day ever.  When i show people pictures of you here they cant believe you are my mom-they think you are my sister and always say how beautiful you are. "tan joven" is what they always say.... i sure love you!

So just a couple experiences from this week.  We had divisions in Guaranda with the Hermanas which was fun.  

 divisions with hermana sento! 

Ok so this Sunday we got to church on time, but there was a less-active that we had to wait for outside (there is a reason why) and we ended up getting in the meeting late. They had already shut the doors for the sacrament and in my other wards here in Ecuador they don't usually pass the sacrament outside.  So i was feeling very stressed.  This whole week i had been looking forward to the sacrament and i knew that i really needed it in that moment!  We waited in one of the classrooms and they did end up giving it to us.  As i sat in that room, i was pondering (and a little disappointed) because i knew that the spirit would not be as strong as in the actual sacrament room.  However, when the deacon entered the spirit FILLED the room.  It was a small miracle, but exactly what i needed to feel.  I just want you all to know how grateful i am for the sacrament.  It is an ordinance so sacred and special and dear to me.  

A lot of the miracles that we were seeing last week have been experiencing a lot of opposition.  I was feeling really upset on Saturday.... when a member that was visiting with us told us that her cousins are having difficulties in their marriage and need help.  In that moment i knew and felt that the opposition that often happens in the mission, is something that we cannot control, but that if The Lord is pleased with us... He will continue to bless us with miracles.  I am excited to help this new family!  

I have been learning this week that EVERY thing in missionary work is important.   I have been striving to be better in every aspect of missionary work (including the area book) and i feel happy and at peace knowing that i am doing all I can, and i have faith that The Lord will do the rest.  I have felt His peace and love and i am so grateful for Him.  

I LOVE YOU ALL!! Have a happy wonderful week.  

Hermana Neff 


 two angels of a less active in ambato that i found in riobamba! 

 another one of the 5 volcanos that you can see in riobamba

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