Monday, October 5, 2015

The Spirit: Riobamba 9.28.15


Ok this week was very spiritual and uplifting.... sometimes i just never want this beautiful time in my life to end!  I love being a missionary!! 
So first off we had a lesson with Patty and Nicole. Ahhh i wish i could just describe to you all how spiritual this lesson was!  They accepted a date for the 10th of October.  I felt especially inspired to share a scripture in a certain moment in the lesson, and my companion in the very moment felt the prompting to look at me.  It was perfect.  I am loving working with Hermana Costa because there is so much unity in our companionship and teaching.  She goes home in three weeks and i am so sad!  
We had a special zone conference this week.  The President showed us a video that was made by the first presidency and quorum of the 12 about the sabbath day.  We learned some very interesting things that just made me think about how PERFECT the gospel is!  The focused a lot on the Atonement, and how that should be our focus throughout the sacrament, the classes, and really all we do in the church!  

My companion and I had just been talking about The Spirit this week.  I have been realizing lately that The Spirit is something that i cannot feel all the time, it is something that i only feel in moments that i am testifying or teaching. However, it is something that i know i have because although i may not recognize it all day everyday, when it leaves i feel it leave.  And the only word that i can use to describe that feeling is.... feo. For those of you that dont know spanish... that means ugly.  It makes me always want to be worthy and obedient in thought, word, and action, so that He is always with me.

In my study this week i feel so grateful for a God that loves us so much.  In Ether 3:2 we read that even though we are so unworthy, the Lord COMMANDS us to pray SO THAT HE CAN BLESS US!! According to our desires.  

I have so many things that i wish to share with you all this week! But this will have to do.  I love you ALL!!! 

Hermana Neff 

ps i forgot to tell you all.  The other night we were walking home at night and i saw a dog.... eating A CAT!!! I almost barfed.  It was the worst thing i have ever seen.  

our trip to BAÑOS
i love my compi
ugly spider 

I cant believe its that time of the year again!! My favorite thing in the world.... Colada Morada
these are called humitas and they are my FAVORITE!!! They are like a corn type thing that i dont even know how to explain 
divisions with hermana tello de peru 
divisions again!
 hermana peralta de bolivia 

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