Monday, October 26, 2015

CUI Riobamba 10.19.15


Ok so on Monday and Tuesday we went to Quito for the leaders conference and they talked a lot about changing the "mission culture."  Really there have been a lot of challenges in these past few months and we are trying to find solutions!  It was cool to see the spirit work in us as we talked with president and tried to come up with help for our mission!  

So it has been raining a lot in Quito and we got soaked on Tuesday.  On Wednesday i felt a little weird and on thursday i was really sick with a fever and sore throat.  Turns out it was strep....... blahhh it may possibly be the worst thing to have strep on your mission!  I was dying.  But i got some good antibiotics and i feel great now!! (oh also i recieved a priesthood blessing which was a major help) By the way a member here sent me home with coca cola and a lime and told me to drink the coke scalding hot and squeez the lime.  I was doubtful, but i tried it and.... miracle!!!  It was the BEST remedy and i felt 10000 times better.  I dont know how but these Ecuadorians are healers and i was so so grateful. 

On saturday Paty and Nicole were baptized.  It was such a special service! We were honestly so happy.  
^^paty and nicole. i love them!
{i know. i cant ever look like a normal unawkward human being in pictures with Ecuadorians.... i am far too tall.}

I dont know if you all remember but Paty and Nicole were the mom and daughter that had a tragic death in their family--- and because of it their whole family is knowing the gospel!  Hermana Costa and I sang "Jesus the very thought of thee".  The spirit was so strong!  After Paty and Nicole bore testimony of the changes they have seen in their life since they accepted the gospel.  Nicole (she is 13) talked about how grateful she was for us in helping her family find the gospel..... Hermana Costa and I were dying of happiness!!  

paty and nicole's confirmations:

Now we are teaching 2 more of their family members that we hope will get baptized this transfer!  

Hermana Costa finished her mission and now i have a new companion! I was so sad to see Hermana Costa leave because she was such a good companion to me.  We worked an taught great together, but now i am excited to be with hermana peralta!! 
She is an excellent missionary that doesnt have too much time in the mission, so i am going to be training her how to be sister training leader.  I did divisions with her last transfer and teased her that she would be the next hermana leader.... and i was right!  She is from Bolivia and makes me laugh all the time.  

I am so excited for this new transfer!  Time is flying way way too fast for me and i wish it would just slow down.  Sorry for the clich√© missionary talk, but i really am understanding now just how wonderful it is to be a missionary.  I love it so much.  

This week i am ponderizing the scripture omni 1:26 (that talk was amazing wasnt it?) It talks about offering our whole souls to Christ.  I am trying to apply that in my life.  Offer my WHOLE soul to Him... that is, to accept His will in all things.  I am trying to accept His will for me and my mission.  Where He wants me to be, what He wants me to do, and how He wants me to do it.  

I LOVE being a missionary.  I am so happy and at peace to be here at this time.  It is the greatest blessing that The Lord has given me.  

I love you all! 

Hermana Neff 

ps i ate CUI!! o sea, guinea pig!!!!!  and it was SO SO DELICIOUS!! Tell the gisele to feed her guinea pigs a lot so that they are nice and fat when i get home...... je je 
one of the recent convert families we visit ^^
 one of our last pictures together :(
 ^^ a usual sight in ecuador ^^
i love our zone!
my two favorite things.  missionary work and food 
^^ its that time of year... wa wa de pan

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