Friday, October 16, 2015

Living Prophets. Riobamba 10.5.15

My heart is so completely full right now.  There are so many thoughts, impressions, and feelings after this wonderful weekend of conference. I love thinking about how hard the spirit must have worked this weekend.  While reading your letters, i was so touched by how the spirit worked in so many people.  Think of the millions of members around the world that were touch in special and specific ways--according to their personal needs.  I felt the spirit abundantly. 

Some key things that i LOVED.  

The many talks about Sabbath Day Observance.  We do not simply keep the sabbath day holy to keep the commandment, but to remember the sacrifice of our Savior.  And our activities this day should help us to remember Him.  

The simpleness of the gospel as taught by Elder Uchtdorf.  We dont need to look for misterious doctrines to satisfy our spiritual needs.  The beautiful truths of the gospel are ENOUGH.  

We need to love Christ´s way more than our way.  

Ok i especially loved Elder Lawrence´s talk about how the spirit can give us very PERSONAL counsel.  I loved the promise he made about how if we pray and ask the Lord what we lack to be better, to become more like him... then He will tell us!  I took the challenge the same night that he made the promise to us and i had the opportunity of feeling something small (yet very important) that i need to change to become more like The Savior.  All i can say is that this talk completley blew me away.  We need to better tomorrow than what we are today.  And the Atonement is not only for sinners, but also those saints that desire to be better.  Wow. 

If we justify ourselves and our sins, we offend the spirit.  

Again. sabbath day observance. 

Okay.  Elder Hollands talk.  It made me so excited to be a mom and SO GRATEFUL FOR MY MOM!  You have no idea how touched i was as i thought of you Mom.  I love you and am so grateful for your Christ-like love for me.  I love you so much, 

We need spiritual strength.  It is not enought to simply live this life without trying to increase our spiritual strength.  Eventually we will be engulfed by the darkness of the world that surrounds us.  

Our response to life experience will influence our testimonies.  

Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.  

Our mind should be full of NOBLE THOUGHTS.  

Russel M. Nelson.  I dont have words to describe how i felt during his talk.  I will always strive to be a covenant keeping woman.  

It is time for us to stand up and testify!!

If we follow spiritual impressions, we will continue to receive them.  We can only learn eternal truths through the spirit.  

D. Todd Cristofferson.  This will help me in my everyday proselyting.  

1 verse of scripture a week!  A new goal i have that i am so excited to start. Ponderize. 

The commandments are like barriers.  They keep us safe!  God WANTS us to have joy and peace.  

The talk of David A. Bednar jsut made me so so grateful for living prophets.  

How blessed are we to have these special witnesses of Christ!  The whole weekend i was filled with the spirit.  He reconfirmed to me many times that the men that spoke to us are truly called of God.  Their words inspire, help, and bless me.  I have learned in my mission to love the words of latter day prophets.  They KNOW what Christ needs the world to know.  As we apply their teachings i know that our lives are filled with the spirit and with the love of our father in heaven.  I made a goal after this weekend to always study the words of the living prophets.  Without Prophets, there would be NO testimony of Christ.  There words in the scriptures and in these latter days are my strength and guide,  to become the person that God wants me to become.  

I love my mission.  I feel that my testimony of the simple truths of the gospel has become unshakable, yet it is something that is strengthed every day. I am so infinitely grateful for the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.  

I love you all!  Have a happy happy week.  The gospel of Jesus Christ IS happiness!! 

Hermana Neff 

ps. look in the liahona from september or october.  There is a little part that talks about a service that we did in Ambato and i am in a picture!! Ok my face is really small and my head is turned to the side... and there are like 100 people in the picture, but i felt so famous when i saw it.  GO ECUADOR!

Are you sick of chimborazo yet?? Cause im not.

these are rock tortillas.  They are delicious and only made here in riobamba.  They cook them on rocks. 
This is one of our favorite places.  Next door to our house there is a huge market with tons of fruits and vegetables so cheap!! 

we went to the park today! 

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