Thursday, September 11, 2014

CCM 9.11.14

ok first off.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON TUESDAY MOM!! I thought about you the whole day!  As i knelt down to say my nightly prayers i thanked my Heavenly Father for giving me such a great mom!  I realized just how selfless you are. Although you may experience trials in your own life, no one would ever know.... because you are always concerned about others.  I love you and am so grateful for you. 

This week has been GREAT. I LOVE THE CCM!!!!  I seriously love being a missionary.  I am so happy and peaceful all the time.  My spanish is actually coming!  I am starting to feel comfortable teaching a full lesson in spanish.  It´s crazy but the gift of tongues is real!  But more importantly the spirit is real, and he is always the true testifier! 

I really wish i could express to you guys just how much i love being a missionary. I love my district SO MUCH.  All day every day i am laughing. Like i am seriously giddy!  The Hermanas in my room are my best friends here.  We laugh all the time.  My companion, Hermana Roach, thinks she is black...haha.  My roommate Hermana Hartzel who i knew i would like from the first time i met her in the airport (because she wanted a Dr. Pepper almost as bad as i wanted a diet coke).  And Hermana Avila.  Hermana Avila is almost 21 so i call her mi abuela. I love them!  

We were sitting outside doing BOM study when one of the Elders in my district, Elder Borg, says "I think a bird just pooped on me."  Sure enough, a bird had pooped on him.  My district and I were CRYING!! It was so funny.  By the way. This Elder is like a way more dramatic and spastic version of uncle Mike.  Which always makes me laugh cause he did drama and wore cardigans and blazers in high school.... haha too funny. Hopefully Mike isn´t offended by that because i really do love this elder!

While i was teaching one of the lessons this week i gained a really cool witness about the plan of salvation.  I was telling my investigator that when my grandpa died i felt really sad, but that i was okay... because i knew that i could see him again.  I began to cry as i told my investigator how happy that knowledge makes me.  I love Grandpa Anderson and i know i will see him again! 

I am realizing just how much i love the scripture 1 Nephi 3:7.  I found myself wondering this week why i decided to be a missionary.  This scripture gives me my answer. 
                                                                I will go
                                                                I will do
                                                      Because I KNOW. 

I know that this church is true.  Where will you go and what will you do because you know that this gospel is what has made you happy.  

I was also reading in Alma 22:18
Read it and then ask yourself,
What are you willing to give up to know God?

I love you all so much, but please know that i am happy.  I am working hard and i am so happy!
con much amor, 
Hermana Neff
P.S. when we walk outside in the morning there are a billion mosquitos outside our door waiting for a feast... NO JOKE!! I hate them so bad. 

my view... i love mexico 
my district aka my favorite people on planet earth 
I drink these all the time
We love donuts!

haha how we tape our pictures up when we don´t have tape 

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