Thursday, September 25, 2014

CCM 9.25.14

So i was just about to chastise all of you because i haven´t received a single letter during my time at the MTC, but today i got one!!  Sarah Evans aka angel from heaven wrote me the kindest letter that i really needed at this time!! Mom or Dad PLEASE tell her thank you thank you and that her letter meant so much to me!  And tell her i will write her back asap!  
I sent you guys a letter a couple weeks ago, have you gotten it yet? 

So something is going around the MTC.  Everyone has a cold.  I told my companion that if a zombie virus were to break out in the MTC everyone would either be eaten or infected within three minutes. Probably not the best comparison to make as a missionary, but seriously sickness spreads like wildfire here!  

So this week we walked outside one night and there was the most beautiful double rainbow i have ever seen in my life!  I was reminded of Noah and how God ALWAYS keeps his promises.  I will send pictures!

So my district made up a word.  It is borgadía.  It´s based off the Elder in my district (who reminds me of Uncle Mike) Elder Borg.  We walk around saying it to everyone pretending like it actually means something and it has started actually catching on.  All the Latinos look at us like we are insane, but the North American missionaries actually believe us.  We laugh and laugh and laugh.  I have been in tears on multiple occasions. Dont worry though, i have started telling people that it isnt a real word so they dont get into the mission field and start saying it... but boy is it funny!

I get my flight plans on Monday.  WOW.  I get my flight plans on Monday!  I am so so excited to go to Ecuador!  I leave a week from Tuesday which is crazy!  My time here has flown by!  It is such a wonderful place and i seriously have the best teachers in the world!  I love Mexico. It is really loud.  Cannons and gunshots go off all day every day, but it is definitely still a special place!  I will truly miss it! But don´t worry i still have a week and a half yet. 

My spanish is.... its getting there i guess.  I have learned a lot, but i still don´t know much!

My district and I read Enos this week.  Enos says "and my soul hungered" i found my self wondering, "what does my soul hunger for?" I think my soul hungers to be close to God.  To feel his love always.  When I sin, I become estranged from Heavenly Father.  When i repent, i am brought back to him and i receive grace (or enabling power) to stop sinning, and do good works-works that i normally could not do on my own.  So, with that reasoning, my soul hungers for repentance!!  Family.  We have the opportunity to be close to God all the time, all we have to do is repent!  What a blessing.  I am so weak, and the blessing to repent is seriously what keeps me going!  I pray every night for grace to do the works that God needs me to do, and although, i fall short... i have seen the BIGGEST difference in my life because of the atonement.  What a blessing that we can pray to the most powerful being, whenever we want, and about whatever we want.  

I pray for you all every night!  I do miss you, but i love being a missionary.  Never in my life have i had such a desire to change!  It feels so good. wow I just love it!! Love you all!  Next time i email will be my last p-day in the MTC! 

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Neff 

double rainbow (the picture does not do it justice)
Hello sunset in Mexico
Ok seriously.... MEXICO IS BEAUTIFUL!
Mom I took this for you... Magnum bar
Sister training leaders... Love them!
this little banana was so cute i had to take a picture 

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