Thursday, September 4, 2014

CCM 9.4.14

HI everyone!!! WOW this week has been crazy!! I don´t even know where to start.  I love Mexico City.  It is super cool and wayyy different from America!  The CCM is beautiful and really nice.  The FOOD.  I LOVE IT!! So spicy, so delicious, and they have the best cantaloupe i have ever had in my life.  I eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner along with a pear or a peach.  I am eating a lot of fruit here! 

My district and is the best.  I seriously love them so much!  The Hermanas in my district have already become my best friends.  I get along with them so well! My companion is Hermana Roach.  She is from Hillary´s mission.... Indiana Indianapolis and she is going to Ecuador Quito. Just like me!!!  I LOVE HER!!  She also went to BYU and lived in Hinckley hall.... so we have a lot to talk about!

Ok so the first few days here were actually really hard. We got here on Wednesday, started classes and meetings on thursday, and then taught our first lesson in spanish on friday.  Me and my companion were a train wreck for our first lesson.  Here´s the thing, she took 5 years of German ( yes GERMAN) before now so she doesn´t know any spanish.  And i know basically nothing so it was a struggle!  For our first two lessons in spanish we read everything. The third lesson i took a leap of faith and decided to go off my notes.  It ended up being such a good idea!!  Hermana Roach and I felt the spirit and were prompted to say certain things . We were able to teach by the spirit even in my broken spanish and her german accent! We ran out of that lesson so happy because our investigator accepted baptism!  We made sure to say a prayer of thanks.  The fourth lesson went even better. 

Everyone. Spanish is HARD. The mission is HARD.  But God is helping me!  This week he sent me so many tender mercies.  My second day was really hard. My district leader came up to me and gave me a letter, which was surprising because i didn´t think letters could get here that fast.  Well, they can´t.  Ben Smith left the CCM the week before i got here and he made sure to leave a letter for me before he left.  It was just what i needed!! I love him!

I´ve realized while being here at the CCM that..... 
yes the language is important 
yes the doctrine is important 
yes being confident is important 


Heavenly Father has helped me realize that the three most important things to make you a good missionary are faith, hope, and charity.  This week the spirit testified to me that these are the most important attributes i need to be developing at this time.  

and faith, hope, charity, and love with an eye single to the glory of God, qualify him for the work. 

I love you all so much! And i LOVE being a missionary.  
Hermana Neff 


almost to the CCM.... YAY! 
OLY friends and BYU friends! 
MOM THANK YOU FOR THE LITTLE BAG IN MY PACKAGE!  I already ate the first two heath bars and i don´t think the third will last through the day.. i love you so much.  

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