Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Nothing too interesting 4.20.15

This week we went to Quito for the verification of new missionaries!  I love when we have conferences with the President because i ALWAYS learn so much!  
Right now in the mission we are trying to teach 15 minute lessons.  I think a lot of times as missionaries, we feel the need to give our investigators ALL the information that we have about the gospel.  Which is not true!  Right now we are practicing teaching our investigators just the necessary things to help them feel the spirit, and teach according to their needs.  We are seeing miracles because of it!

Today we went to a waterfall in baños.  It was SO COOL!  Literally just this massive waterfall in the middle of the mountains of Ecuador.  So cool.  i will try to attach pictures but this computer is struggling so we´ll see if it happens.  
Also ate a chicken foot it was pretty yummy! 
So sorry but i dont have anything else too interesting to write about!  But i hope you all know that i love and pray for you often!  You are all wonderful and i know that God loves you so much!!  I love you too! 

Keep up the great work in all you are doing!! I promise i will have better stories for next week!!

hermana neff 

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