Tuesday, April 7, 2015

tengo pulgas de nuevo. 4.6.13

hola familia!

Conference was so amazing!  I am going to try to quickly write about a few of my favorite talks!  But first i just want to say how grateful i am for living day prophets!  I know that they are truly God´s servants here on the earth.  They lead and guide us, and they love us!  How blessed we are to have modern day revelation!  

I loved what Elder Eyering said about how when we succor someone, the Savior feels it, as if we were succoring him.  I think before this talk i never paid too much attention to the law of the fast, but i know that as we fast 24 hours, we are blessed, and that others are as well.  

As Linda Burton talked about the priesthood i couldnt help getting teary thinking about my own dad. Dad has always protected us, and exercised his priesthood worthily.  I felt such gratitude for the home i have grown up in, and for the parents that have created an environment of love, refuge, and peace for us.  I am convinced that i would not be here today in Ecuador if it werent for the wonderful parents i have.  I LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD!! Thank you thank you. 

I loved Dallin H. Oaks talk where he spoke of being rooted in the gospel.  I thought of the distractions in our lives that lead to "spiritual sedation".  I realize the importance of daily scripture study (especially from the BOM) and taking the sacrament worthily and without disctractions.  It isnt enough to simply lean on the testimony of others.  We MUST have our own testimony if we are to overcome the tempations that so widely surround us in these days.  

I have thought a lot about my own testimony (especially during this talk) and i was reminded of Grandma Anderson.  I remember her telling me one day that she believed with all her heart that this gospel is true.  We really should embrace belief and CHOOSE to believe in the restored gospel.  

I loved what Elder Bednar said about Godly fear.  It truly is a source of peace, assurance, and confidence.  It is loving and trusting in God, and as we trust in him, we love him more perfectly.... and as we love him more perfectly, that perfect love casteth out all fear-any worldy fear we may experience. 

A quote i liked "no failure ever need be final"

Michael Ringwood talked abut seeking approval from God and from no one else.  I think that a lot of times we seek worldly approval.  I know as a missionary, sometimes i go to visit someone simply focused on the number i will be able to give my leaders, but when i do this, i never feel that the Lord is pleased.  However, when i seek only His recognition, my soul is filled with joy and love for the Lord, and his work. 

I think overall the message of Saturday was to HAVE A TESTIMONY.  If you dont have it, get it.  Because it is getting harder and harder to live in this world without being rooted in a testomony of Christ. Simply going through the motions is not enough. A testimony is absolutely and 100% essencial if we are to get by in this world.  And it is something that we should be strengthening DAILY.  

One thing i like from the SUnday session was the talk about wonders.  Is the gospel still wonderful and new to us every day?  Are we noticing the miracles that God is performing in our lives?  If not, what do we need to change so that the gospel is new and wonderful to us, every day?

I was really touched by the talk of the prodigal son.  I know we have seen family that have wandered, but as we love them, and wait in faith-we can have the hope that one day they will return to the church.  I like the quote "although we could not embrace her choices, we could embrace her."  I think that sometimes we are a little to quick to judge and a little too slow to love.  

Elder Holland gave such a beautiful talk about the need for a Savior in our lives.  May we all grasp onto him as if our lives depend on it (because guess what, they do.) and obey him in every thing we do.  

I think i was most touched by Elder Uchtforf´s talk.  As he spoke of the grace of Christ i felt so infinitely grateful, that through him ,i CAN change.  I CAN be better. I CAN be perfect.  And how can i thank him and show him my love and gratitude? By obeying his commandments. I thought of Mom in this talk.  How she has always so faithfully obeyed the commandments out of her love for God, i have learned this principle from a young age because of your example! 

OK sorry so long, but i think what was said about the sabbath day was so so important!  We must must keep it holy.  Always!! 

Ok so LOVED CONFERENCE!! other highlight of the week:

Eating fanesca-it is basically a soup that they do for semana santa that pretty much just has all the grains in the world and it is delicious.  

Other than that we are just working working working and praying to find new investigators!  We are seeing little miracles ever day.  God sure does love us!  

I love you all with my whole heart!  
oh and ps for those of you who dont understand spanish, the subject line says that i have fleas again.  The joy of Ecuador! 

Also i am going to try to send pictures but this computer is slightly weird and i am not sure if it will happen today.  If not, next week! 


hermana neff 

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