Thursday, November 12, 2015


First off.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDY MY ANGEL AND BEST FRIEND!!!!! I miss you and i am dead that you are 10 years old! I Love you!! 

Ok so this week we had a leadership conference.  It was so so special!  President Christensen used an example with two cups.  He filled one with water and the other with ice.... and he shared the example of how we all need to be like water, conformable, and willing to conform ourselves to the will of the Lord.  When ice needs to turn to water (in order to conform itself to the shape of the cup) it needs the sun.  It needs light.  In our lives it is no different.  When we need to change our hearts from "ice-cold" to moldeable "water"  we need our light source, which is the Savior.  Only through the Savior can we be changed.  I am so grateful for the many ways that He has changed me in my mission.  The other night i was just thinking about how after this mission i feel that i have not repayed The Lord for anything, but rather, i am much more indebted to Him than i was before.

Yesterday i had a special experience with Paty and Nicole our recent converts.  Paty has been sick the last two weeks so they hadnt been to church.  My companion and I have been visiting a little bit less because we have had to travel so much for divisions and leadership conference.  Anyways she said to me yesterday, "Hermana, i want to tell you something.  Today Nicole and i realized that we are never going to leave the church."  She proceeded to tell me that earlier that day,  they were getting ready to go to church.  She said that she didnt feel excited to go at all.  Thay she was confused and doubting, but that she got in the taxi and went with Nicole. In the taxi they talked about how they just simply didnt want to go to church, and how they had never felt this way about church before (obviously  the adversary..)  Anyways she said that after church they walked out and said that they felt so renewed and happy and excited and at peace.  I was so grateful for a loving Father in Heaven!  Who helped my recent converts learn a lesson that will help them remain actives in the church for the rest of their lives.  I testified to them that there have been many times in my life when i havent felt the desire to continue either, but every time that i do, The Lord helps me feel His love, and helps me know that He is proud of me.  And those feelings are enough to make want to remain active in His church always.  

So we are teaching the nephew of paty.  His name is Edwin.  We really have had such a hard time figuring out why he wont accept baptism.  This week we FOUND HIS ICEBERG!! Finally.  In the lesson he was telling me that he wanted to have more of an anwser. So i asked him what blessings he has recieved in his life since he started attending church and reading the book of moromon (he is almost to mosiah). He told me that he has seen many differneces and has felt a lot of peace.  I testified to him in that moment that he HAS recieved an answer from the spirit.  And then i asked him "so what ELSE is keeping you from being baptized?"  and he told us!  He is afraid to be baptized without his dad.  FINALLY he told us!   And all it took was a simple and direct question.... guided by the spirit.  

We are also working with a reference from a member with her two sons.  They came to church this Sunday so we are hoping to help them make it to baptism this transfer!  Her name is Rosario.  

Anyways i am happy.  Just content as you all know!  This week we have two divisions so it should be pretty busy!  

Oh and TODAY WE WENT TO MY FAVORITE VOLCANO IN THE WORLD CHIMBORAZO!!!!!  I was so happy because there was SNOW!! I havent seen snow in SOO LONG. 
 But i am burned now because we were at one of the highest points on earth.  Chimborazo is the highest point on earth that extends from the center of the earth... i dont know if that made sense... but it was SO FUN.  I LOVE ECUADOR!  I am so lucky.  

LOVE YOU ALL!! Have a grrrrreat week

Hermana Neff   

So we went to a little Pueblito called licto.  We went to visit a contact there.... but we called him when we got there and he said that he had gone to save all his animals from drowning because it was going to rain... so we took advantage and took some pictures. So beautiful.  

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