Saturday, February 14, 2015

Baptism yay! 2.9.15

This week was so so happy and so so HARD! 

First off FAMILIA SABANDO GOT BAPTIZED!!!   It was such a beautiful experience.  But i need to start from the beginning.  So Ramone was having troubles accepting the word of wisdom.  We had taught it, he understood it, he just didnt want to commit.  Wednesday he had his interview and he committed to live the word of wisdom.  On Saturday we were frantically preparing everything for the baptism.  We were so so stressed.  The baptism started and i wasnt feeling the spirit too strongly-because of the stress.  Hermana Bahr and i were a part of the program.  We were going to sing Grande eres tu or How Great thou Art.  We got to the front and began to sing. We made it through the first verse when i looked down at Geoconda and saw that she was weeping.  Hermana Bahr noticed at the same time, and we both began to weep. We sang HORRIBLY through our tears, but the spirit was SO STRONG.  I think by the end of the song almost everyone was crying.  It was one of the most special experiences of my life.  Then after the baptism they all shared their testimonies.  They talked about how the gospel and how the missionaries have changed their lives.  Geoconda talked about how when she was baptized she physically felt that something inside her, weighing her down, was lifted.  They all spoke about the warmth and happiness they felt.  I felt so happy.  After the service Ramon, the dad, gave me a really big hug, which i obviously responded to so so awkwardly, but it was meant in a loving way.. so i felt okay about it!  As i sat in church the next day watching them recieve the Holy Ghost and listening to the beautiful blessings promised them, i felt so happy.  I have been blessed to know and work with this family for over four months.  And how i love them! I am grateful to The Lord for letting me love them.  

Another miracle.  CHRISTIAN CAME TO CHURCH AGAIN!! Just to remind you al who Christian is, he is he 19 year old that knew that literally everything we taught was true... he just didnt want to get baptized.  When we visited him last night, he told us that he had a dream that he needed to serve a mission.  So now he is getting baptized as soon as he possibly can!  I was shocked, amazed, and unbelievably happy!  

So the hard part.  Last night we got cambios.  I am staying in this ward, but i am leaving to work in another sector tambillo and uyumbicho.  And i am going to train!!  Well i am finishing the training. Part of me is so so sad to leave Selva Alegre, but i know the Lord is blessing me to be able to stay in this ward and see Christians baptism... and work with other people that are needing help.  I am learning to accept His will and forget my own. I am training Hermana Molina from Argentina!  She is SO GREAT!! I love her so much!  I am really sad that Hermana Bahr wont be my companion, but we are still going to be in the same district..... which is such a happy thing!  

Another thing.  We are putting goals as a mission to read the Book of Mormon in this next transfer and high light every scripture about Christ!  And we are studying Christlike attributes.  I am really excited about it!  


Hermana Neff 

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