Wednesday, February 25, 2015

6 months! 2.23.15


How are you all doing?? I AM HAPPY!  I am loving my new area.  Hermana Molina and i are working really hard to see miracles... and the Lord is blessing us! It is such a blessing to be able to go to church every Sunday and see all of the people i love so much from my previous sector. Sometimes it is a little hard because the people ask me why i dont visit them anymore... as if i DONT want to visit them! haha they are crazy but i love them!

  This Sunday Geoconda had a really bad reaction to her cancer.  After relief society she was crying because she was in so much pain.  I just held her for a few minutes while the other ward members went to get the bishop.  I watched as the Bishop and his councilor gave her a blessing and i felt so grateful.  That she has this gospel in her life, and the priesthood, to bless and help her.  I realized that the gospel doesnt make our problems go away.  It doesnt make our trials any easier either. The gospel gives us the strength to face our problems with joy and pacience.  It makes us stronger.   

This week Christian Rosero was baptized.  Hermana Bahr and I sang A Child´s Prayer and dont worry i didnt cry this time!  However, as i watched Christian enter the waters of baptism, i couldnt hold back the tears.  It has been a really LONG journey with him.  As i watched him i thought of all the people that he is going to bless as a missionary. and that in a small way.. i will be able to touch their lives through him.  He shared his testimony after.  He talked about how as he went into the font, the water was freezing.  And all he wanted was to run out, but as his younger brother (who is 16 and baptized him) began to say the words in the baptismal prayer, he was filled with warmth.  A warmth that he couldnt describe!  I was SO HAPPY!!  

I studied this week about hope.  Something that perhaps i have been struggling with.  I find myself getting frusterated, because i think i have been expecting blessings that arent being completed.  I prayed and asked The Lord why.  I was doubting if i am truly doing my part as a missionary, or if i needed to change certain things.  I opened up Preach My Gospel and read about hope.  I learned that when we have hope, we work, obey, and serve The Lord... with the HOPE that ALL his promised blessings will be received.  I am trying to put this into practice.  As Mom always tells me "It is a marathon and not a sprint."  As this applies perfectly to missionary work, it also apllies to life.  We should serve, love, and obey The Lord, and we shouldnt EXPECT the blessings, but rather, HOPE for them. If He tries our pacience, we should continue hoping and working.  With optimism in our hearts and love for those around us.  

I love you all with my whole entire heart. And I love being a missionary.  

Hermana Neff 
P.S. we run this pathway every morning and it is BEAUTIFUL!! With a giant river, huge trees, horses. etc. I LOVE ECUADOR! 

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