Friday, March 13, 2015

Beer in the street 3.2.15

First off i have two shout outs to make!  JENNA HAPPY BIRTH like two weeks ago sorry my bad... and HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAZEL!!! My angel is 2.  I cannot believe it!!

So this week we had some pretty cool experiences.  We went to visit Familia Quishpe.  They are getting baptized next week.  Originally it was this week, but the hermano had some troubles giving up drinking.  We finally committed him to keep the word of wisdom.  Then after we went outside with the whole family and dumped every bottle and can of beer he had in his house out in the street!  It was so much fun! I am really excited for their baptism this Saturday.  Love this family so much.  

We found a new investigator this week.  His name is Alex and he is 24.  He has a major drinking problem but we are helping him out a lot!  He has a baptismal date for the 21st of March. We found him and he really didnt understand his purpose.  But he says that we give him hope that he can change his life. When we tell people we are teaching him they get this shocked look on their face.  But he came to church with us and hey, the Atonement is for EVERYONE.  

So another really interesting thing happened this week.  We were at church and this lady came up to me with her nine year old son and asked me where i was from.  I told her that i was from Utah and turns out that her little boy went to crestview for a year AND KNOWS ANDY JACK!!! I literally started crying right there.  He looks like andy and talkes like him! (cause he spoke perfect english)  His mom doesnt really speak english but she was so sweet!  His name is Martin Villacis..... so show andy the picture and maybe he knows him!! 

This week we didnt have too much time to work because Wednesday we had a Women´s Conference with all the sisters in the mission.  It was so fun and i learned A LOT.  The mission is sort of being reborn right now because literally half of the sisters go home in the next two transfers.   Within the next 3 months i will be one of the "oldest" sisters in the mission..... scary! But the president wanted to have the meetings so that the younger missionaries could learn how to train and be hermana leaders etc.  

This week i have been studying about love and charity.  I love this topic.  I have learned that to have charity doesnt just mean that we love people.  It means that we love people and DESIRE their salvation.  I think that this is what helps me to overcome my fears of the mission.  Knowing that i love these people and i desire for them to be saved, so that one day we can enter into God´s Kingdom together!  I love you all so so much.  The gospel is true. I know it. I love it! 

Hermana Neff 
I saw Hermana Roach at womens conference!! And my comp gave me this skirt from Argentina.  I love it!! 
These twins that we are teaching right now.  They are SO CUTE!! I love them.  
THe picture i took with Martin.  He reminded me SO MUCH of Andy Jack.  
AND we had a BBQ today with our zone! So much fun!! 

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