Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Carnaval 2.2.15

I just feel so happy and blessed to write you all today! I hope that all is happy and well where you are, because it is great here! 

I am having troubles remembering a lot of what has happened this week... the weeks just fly by!  We are in the last week of the transfer and i am feeling pretty sad.  This Sunday i was a little teary during church because i have come to love this ward so much, and i feel so grateful to The Lord for letting me love these people. 

Familia Sabando.  PRAY FOR THEM!  They are all ready, but Ramone is still hesistant to give up drinking... we are going to see how he is doing this Wednesday.  And if he isnt ready, then it wont be this Saturday.  It kills me a little bit because i know that there is a chance i wont see their baptism, but i know that the important thing is that they are truly converted to Christ!  

We got carnavaled.... TWICE THIS WEEK!! And it technically starts in Feb. so when it happened Carnaval hadnt even started!!  For those of you who dont know what this is.. during the month of Febuary it is completely acceptable to throw eggs, water, and flour at just about anyone.  But, i think that if people hit gringas it is extra points.  And if they hit gringa missionaries they win.  I dont know this is just my personal opnion because literally EVERYONE ATTACKS US!! Ok maybe i am exaggerating a little bit.... but look at the pictures.  I live the days in fear and wear my ugliest clothes always. 
Last night we went to Quito and Elder Christensen aka the brother of President Christensen came and spoke to us.  He talked mostly about the Atonement and the grace of Christ.  I felt the spirit bear witness to me that through the grace of our Lord, we can do ALL things.  I found myself looking back at the start of my mission and realizing just how much help I have recieved through the grace of Christ.  When we do ALL that we can do, he will make up for the rest.  I love him. I feel honored and blessed to take his name upon me, and share his joyous message with others.  

This week we had so many less actives and investigadores in church.  We are seeing the fruits of our labors!! I love my life.  I love being a missionary, I love being a Mormon! 

Something Hermana Monzon always said to me was that to be Mormon is to be happy.  I know it is true.  And i feel so blessed.  


Hermana Neff 

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