Thursday, February 19, 2015

Carnaval 2.16.15

This week has been a little weird!  Hermana Molina (my new comp from Argentina) and I are working really hard.  We really want to have a lot of sucess in this transfer! This Saturday we are going to baptize another family which is really exciting!  Life is good.  
This week was carnaval.  It was terrifying.  Ok so i am going to do my best to explain what happened.  My old sector was Sangolqui.  It is about 40 minutes from where i am now in Tambillo.  Anyways in between sangolqui and tambillo is amaguaña.  Carnaval is CRAZY in Amaguaña.  Everyone gathers there to play. So yesterday was the big day to play Carnaval.  And it was Sunday.  Hermana Molina and I got on the bus that we usually have to take to get to Sangolqui... (where the chapel is).  This bus always passes for Amaguaña.  Well we didnt realize it but yesterday the buses were only going to amaguaña, leaving the people there to play carnaval and then returning to tambillo.  So we went as far as amaguaña.  and they left us there. in the middle of EVERYTHING.  It was terrifying. There were so many people gather in this small area playing carnaval and they were spraying us with carioca. We barely made it our alive.  Luckily we found a bus that took us to Sangolqui, but we got to church a half hour late.  Tomorrow is supposedly the last day.  Finally. 

Right now we are teaching twins.  Nadia and Caren.  They are 25 and SO GREAT!  I have complete faith that they are going to be baptized in the next month. 

I dont have much more to report about this week! We are working hard to find new families and to see miracles in this transfer.  Thank you for you prayers, love, and support.  I love to be a missionary!  I really love my life!!  

I have been studying a lot about faith this week.  I have come to realize that the best way to increase our faith is through prayer, diligent scripture study, and attending church.  I know that these are three simple things, but these three things make ALL the difference.  I encourage you all to study the scriptures EVERY DAY, PRAY with real intent, and ALWAYS attend church.  I LOVE YOU ALL!  

Hermana Neff 
 taigo pinching the double chin that i have obviously gained in the mission 

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