Wednesday, June 3, 2015

AMBATO 5.18.15


Ok so this week was good and hard.  We are working super hard and we have so many investigators!  Which has been fun... we are just having troubles helping them progress!  

We went with the bishop and the other Elderes in our district to contact in a place called Pasa.  It is literally the mountains!  As we were driving up i was noticing that in this place they didnt have any type of like super market, but when we got to the top we found a HUGE catholic church.  Of course.  I made a comment the the bishop about how of course they put a giant catholic church where there isnt even places to buy food.... ok it probably is funnier in spanish but  anyways.... they are a really humble people and we had fun contacting there!  

So we have been having problems with our investigators coming to church.  We have contacted contacted and contacted and found A LOT of people to teach, but they just dont come to church!  So on Saturday we stopped by EVERY investigators house.  And we have about 30 right now.  So we walked all day and were so tired, but we felt and knew that we had done our part and that The Lord would bless us... but yesterday no one came to church!  We were feeling a little discouraged because we have been working so hard!  But I have been doing a self evaluation to see if there in something that I am doing that is maybe keeping us from sucess.  However, in all honesty i just feel like the Lord is testing us, and thats ok.  We are learning and pressing forward!  

Sorry it has been such a busy and crazy week and in my brain i am trying to remember everything we did and its just all a blur... jaja lo siento

TODAY WE LARPED AGAIN!!  I dont know if you remember but the missionary that taught our zone how to larp about 6 months ago is now my district leader, so i naturally begged him to teach us how to larp again.  We also made completo which are these delicious hot dog things that they make in chile.  I am learning how to make a lot of yummy things that i will cook for you all when i come home.. get excited! 

Sorry this is all over the place!  But as a final thought I got to speak in church again this week.  Dont worry the bishop warned be this time (even though it was only the day before).  I talked about the Book of Mormon and i couldnt help but cry as i testified of the truthfullness of this book.  It is such a blessing to know that all of the doctrines necessary for our salvation our found in this book.  I love it and i know that it is true.  

I LOVE YOU ALL!  Have a happy, hard working, love filled week!

Hermana Neff

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