Thursday, June 11, 2015

Miracles 6.8.15


Ok so first im just gonna jumpr straight to the miracle we had!  We are teaching Senaida and we didnt know if we were going to see her baptism this week because she works on Sundays.  But the Lord blessed her and she was able to get her turns switched!  It was such a blessing and i am so grateful to have had the opportunity to teach her.  

This week i had a special experience.  We were teaching a recent convert who has lots of head pains that really worry her.  I watched her on Saturday as she explained to us that she is going to get some examens to see what happens. She told us that she wasnt afraid.  She explained how she knelt down before God and told hime "father in heaven, whatever you give me... i will accept it.  And i will accept it happily."  It was such a testimony builder for me, that someone who has so little, is willing to accept such a challenge, and accept it happily.  

I had the opportunity to talk with an investigator this week about forgiveness.  My companion was sitting at the table and talking to Jolanda and i was talkiing to her husband Raul.  After teaching them they offered us bread but i was fasting and my comp cant so she just ate.  Ok anyways so he was talking with me and all of the sudden he asks me, "How can God forgive me after all of the bad things i have done?"  It was sweet to be able to testify of the atonement and how it has blessed me in my life.  How i had been able to feel the love of the Lord in my life, and His forgiveness.  We had taught him about this before, but he still needed reassurance.  It was a sweet experience.  

I have been reading a lot of the general conference talks this week and i am just so grateful for living prophets, and for the blessing of the gospel in our lives!! 

Love you all so much! Have an excellent week.  Dont forget to read the Book of Mormon, EVERY DAY! 

Hermana Neff 

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