Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ambato 6.1.15

Hola mis queridos!  

How is everyone? I am doing well!  

So this week was HARD.  I am not gonna lie.  My companion was really sick and we found out on wednesday that she has a bacteria.  So that was a little discouraging.  And a lot of the people that we have been teaching really dont want to progress.  So we are looking for lots of new people!  We have been blessed to teach Rosalina and Senaida.  They are two sisters who are going to get baptized next week.  So we are excited for that!  The Lord has been blessing us and giving us miracles-even through all of the difficulties. 

This week my testimony of humble prayer was strengthened.  I knelt before Him in truly humble prayer and He helped me realized a lot of things that i need to change, as a missionary and a person in general. .  I am so grateful for the many moments we have in our missions to feel the love that God has for us. I have truly felt his love and light.  I know that it is infinite.  I know that His grace is sufficient and personal-according to our needs and weaknesses.  I know that He will always love us and forgive us, even though we are so weak snd maybe undeserving.  

I love what Elder Ringwood of the seventy said in this last general conference.  "The service that counts most is usually recognized by God alone"

I love Him and i want to serve him.  ahora y siempre.  

les quiero! 

Hermana Neff 

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