Tuesday, August 25, 2015

1 AÑO (1 YEAR) 8.24.15


i hit one year this coming week and i dont want to talk about it. 


This week has been great! We had divisions with Hermana Morán from California which was great!  

I love being able to go to other sectors and meet new people and help them in whatever small way i can.... even though it is hard for me to work outside of my own sector!  

So this week i had a really special experience.  We are teaching this man named Fausto.  He lives alone because most of his family has passed away.  This week we were teaching him about the Book of Mormon.  I was zoning out a little during the lesson because we had a member present and they were sharing a pretty long testimony.  Anyways all of the sudden Fausto interrupts (this is so embarrassing but i cant rememeber how you spell that word i have forgetten english) the member and asks me "hermana Neff, what was it like for you?"  Referring to how i gained my testimony of the Book of Mormon.  It caught me off gaurd and i sat there for a moment just... thinking.  Then i told him (it was like the words just came out without me doing anything... that happens a lot in the mission) that when i read the Book of Mormon i feel a security.  I feel a peace and love and joy.  I feel enlightened and i KNOW that these feelings come from the spirit.  I felt so edified after that lesson!  My testimony of the Book of Mormon was just completely strengthened in the moment!  I FELT IT. I know that this church is true because i know the Book of Mormon is true.  It is the foundation of my testimony-and in it contains all the doctrines and priciples most dear to me.  

We had a specialized conference this week and a conference with the Hermanas. Hermana Costa and I had to give the capacitation.  I wish i could share all of the strong spiritual things that happen to me in my mission.  The miracles i see everyday come from my ability to feel and respond to The Holy Ghost and the things that he teaches me everyday... as long as I am willing to listen.  

Being a missionary is so great!  I am truly loving my time here!  

Much love, 
Hermana Neff 

we went to this plsce called Guano today.. stay tuned for more pictures.  Brace yourselves.
this is one of my favorite plates here in Ecuador... Delicious:

my mummy boyfriend.  He is over 500 years old... no joke. And was obviously a catholic preacher here in Ecuador.  (shocker) 
 mumified with a mouse.  
peace. we were crackin up over this painting.
divisions with Hermana Romero!
so this is what happens when i am in charge of pressing the self timer on ALL the cameras:

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