Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Ambato 7.20.15

Ok so this was such a great and weird and hard week! 

We had to go to Quito AGAIN!  This time we went for my visa... i guess it had to renew it because i am almost at my 1 year mark in the mission.  So sad.  

So this week we were really excited because next week (the last week in the transfer) we were going to have the baptism of Leslie and Jennifer.  I was so so excited because these are two of the most prepared investigators i have ever had!  We are working with the whole family, but it is a little slower with her parents because they arent married.  So this week Leslie and Jennifer disappeared!  Like no one, not even their parents, knew where they were. We found out later that they were stuck in Quito and couldnt make it here in time.  So they couldnt come to church and have their baptismal interview.  I was so so sad.  But i honestly felt like it was the will of The Lord! I recieved the impression that it was truly what He wanted to happen with them.  So they will be getting baptized August 1st, and i am ok with it!  

 We have transfers next week- and i want to stay here in Ambato with ALL MY HEART!  I love it so much here, but i dont know what The Lord´s will is for me and Hermana Willson.  I would love to finish her training. So we will see what happens!  

I have truly come to love the ward here SO MUCH.  This week we sat down with our ward mission leader and bishop and set up a ward mission plan.  This ward has been struggling for years with missionary work.  Hermana Willson and I felt like we needed to really get the ward excited about missionary work.  So as we sat down to make the plan, we really felt the Lord guiding and helping us know what goals and plans to make for this ward.  It was amazing to see The Lord work with us in that little room, guiding and helping us know what to do.  I really love this ward so much.  I would be perfectly happy to stay here and finish my mission! They have become my family and i am hoping that i get at least one more transfer here with all of them!  
{my pensionista}

I just am so happy to be a missionary.  I love the peace that comes from the gospel.  I am grateful for the love i have for the people here in Ecuador.  I am grateful for The Atonement and for the chance that i have to be clean from ALL my sins.  I have so many short comings, but i know that God forgives!  And that He loves us so much.  I feel like the greatest blessing i have recieved so far in my mission, is to have the doctrines of the gospel rooted deep into my heart and soul.  I love the gospel.  I love the Book of Mormon.  I love life!  We are so blessed.  

Love you all! 

Hermana Neff 

chimborazo!! I finally saw the third volcano that can be seen from our rooftop.  (usually you cant see it becaus of the clouds)
we did a service project this week!
this is my pensionista's husband... he is always making fun of me haha:

So today is dia del amigo... so this goes out to all my PANAS!!!!! HAPPY FRIEND DAY!! 
The wall in my room.  
So i woke up to tunguragua like this.... just a little scary:

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