Tuesday, January 26, 2016

LOS CHILLOS: Missionary Work 1.25.16


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Ok so first off HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAIGE!!!!!!!!! I love you so much.  You have been the most faithful writer and i am so so so grateful for you!! I hope you had the best day EVER!!

Ok so we have still been finding lots and lots of families.  Most of them arent married which is so so frustrating because it makes their progress so slow!  But they have a lot of true intent so we are working with them and trying to help them in their progress to be baptized!  

We found this family that lived in Quevedo and they listened to the missionaries before.  So anyways ximena didnt come to church this sunday but Jose did!  He is her cousin....25 years old and so so prepared!  He said that before he didnt even want to listen to the missionaries.... but now he feels the need to change his life.  His experience at church was GREAT and he passed up a job offer to be able to attend.  I love to find those that are chosen!! 

This week we had interviews with President Christensen.  I feel so strongly that part of the reason that The Lord sent me to this mission was so that President Christensen could be my mission president.  He has helped me in so many ways. And i am so so grateful!

We have literally just been working so hard the last little while.  It is so satisfying to share the gospel with others!  I cant think of anything else in this world that brings me so much peace, contentment, and fufilment.  I love it!  My favorite hymn is Hark all ye nations.  I love it is spanish.  "listen nations and rejoice! Listen to the light of heaven! In this land the light of truth was restored!" I LOVE IT!! It makes way more sense in spanish but it has been my favorite song since i started my mission.  I think it always will be.  Our duty is to share this light and this truth with others.  Today on the way home from Quito i was contacting a man who had read a lot of false things about Joseph Smith.  He was not too excited to let me share what i know to be true.... and he wasnt exactly nice about it either.  But i tried to be kind but firm.  I asked him if he had had a spiritual confirmation that his church is true.  He couldnt respond so i took advantage to testify of Joseph Smith and The Book of Mormon.  He promised that he would pray to know and apologized to me.  I gave him the biggest smile as i got off the bus. 

It is always interesting to me to think about the feelings i get as a missionary.  Sometimes it is so so hard to be patient with these people!  But i LOVE them.  And i LOVE TO SHARE THE GOSPEL!!!!  I cant think of anything so fufilling.  What a beautiful life.  We have been focusing a lot on repentance the last few days and i feel like we have been very directly calling people to repentance and we are seeing such changes in people!  I wish i could just tell you all everything that we see everyday.  But so many things happen i forget them all!  jajaja but the general feelings i have are feelings i just cant describe.  Sacred feelings that really just fill me up so big that i want to burst.  

I love you all so much.  I hope your week is filled with joy and love and The Spirit!! 

Hermana Neff 
 some flowers that were in my hair when i got home.  

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