Tuesday, January 19, 2016

LOS CHILLOS: The Spirit 1.11.16


Ok so this week was a hard and a GREAT week!!  It rained almost everyday and we had some days where we were soaked.  We have been contacting lately and have found 5 less actives that the ward didnt even know existed and now we are teaching their non-member family members!  

We are seeing so many miracles.  I know i dont share too many experiences, but we see miracles everyday.  For example, yesterday we were going to visit some less actives and we got lost.  Which is SO UNLIKE US!! It was a little dark and we had some unpleasant run ins with some rather large dogs, but we finally found out way to a safe street.  Then my companion says, "we are lost.  it must be for something."   So we kept walking and two minutes later this HUGE black guy was like "hermanitas are you going to a cita right now?"  We stopped to talk to him and it turns out that he is a less active that wants to come back to church with his non-member wife.  That is just an example of the types of things that happen to us EVERY DAY!!! 

Earlier this week we found a family who had just had a death and we were able to testify of the truths of the restoration and that families are forever.  I love love love being a missionary!  My favorite part is just finding a new person or family and being able to share the restoration of the gospel of jesus christ.  And watching them feel something and change.  Of course they dont all progress... many do, but many dont.  But the best thing is just being able to testify.  I love the gospel!  

Anyways i hope that you are all doing so well.  This week we had an investigator drop us because she said that she saw an angel that showed her that the catholic church is true.  yay.  Luckily The Lord is blessing us with so many other people.  We said goodbye to her and left off on great terms and made her promise to recieve the missionaries again some day!  I know she will!! 

This week i have been feeling grateful for the spirit.  I feel like i am feeling it and recognizing it more lately than i have my whole mission and i am in heaven.  We are nothing in this work without the spirit.  

Transfers were yesterday and i am staying with Hermana McGill here in Los Chillos!  thrilled.  

Love you all SO SO MUCH!! 

Have a wonderful week!! 

Hermana Neff 

mom we made the gingerbread house!! So fun and sooo cute and soo yummy.  in case you were wondering what our companionship is like... this picture explains it 
 love love LOVE hermana pingree!
our less actives that are progressing  jajajaj i love them 
So fun to do divisions with hermana maldonado again!! 
the dog of a family that we are teaching that is identical to maisy 
the plan of salvation
 Los Chillos before a storm 

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