Saturday, January 2, 2016

LOS CHILLOS 12.28.15

It was so so fun to talk to you all this week.  Merry Christmas!  I. love. Christmas. in. the. mission. 

We had so many family nights and dinners with so many members that made our Christmas GREAT.  The Christmas miracle was that an eternal investigator FINALLY got her divorce papers and is getting married and baptized next month!  We suggested to her a fast and they whole family did it!  And on the 25th of December the divorcement papers came out.  yay!!!!

Really i have loved just sharing the gospel this Christmas.  My companion said to me that this Christmas is special, because we have spent the whole year remembering and serving our Savior.  I think that is so true.  We had so many special companionship studies this week just talking and remembering the Savior.  I honestly feel that this Christmas this year in the mission has not been a sacrifice for me.  Not in the slightest.  Last year i felt like i was sacrificing so much to be here.  And now i feel that it is the greatest blessing to be here at this time.  I love the mission so much.  It is such a joy to share the gospel everyday and feel the spirit all the time!  

We are finding so many people to teach and we have a lot of people that are progressing!  I LOVE this sector!  It has been so fun to just work as hard as always, but to see so many fruits from it. 

I have been thinking about Helaman 14 this week.  About the signs in America when Christ was born.  It is such a testimony to me that The Lord loves ALL His children.  In ALL the world.  I think of the people that lived here in the Americas and how they had so much faith.  They had never seen nor heard Christ.  Many saw the signs of His birth, yet they lost faith that He truly lived.  Yet, there were many who had believed even long before they saw the signs.  And their faith was unwavering.  I LOVE that story!  I love the image of a night without darkness.  .  The birth of the Savior allowed light to fill the world, that light has filled my heart.  I love to share it with others.   Then to think of the contrast, of His death, that there was NO light.  Without the Savior there is no light.  There cannot be light nor hope nor peace.  I have felt this week that one of the greatest gifts The Savior can give us is the gift of peace.  I have learned to CLING CONSTANTLY to that peace.  

I love you all so so much.  Keep on sharing the light of the Savior.  I know He lives!!

Hermana Neff 

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  1. Your photos are beautiful, and your header is just gorgeous! Happy 2016. :)