Tuesday, January 5, 2016


I HAVE NO TIME TODAY!!! I am so sorry i will try to make it good, and quick.  We had a lot to do in the mission offices today so we got back kinda late.  But first off,   I SAW HERMANA PINGREE!!!

 AHHHH IT WAS LITERALLY THE HAPPIEST REUNION OF MY LIFE!!!!  She is so so good and so so cute and i can tell is SUCH a wonderful missionary!  Tell her family just how wonderful and consecrated she is as a missionary.  She is doing such great things down here in Ecuador!  We LOVE this country!

Anyways this week was a little frustrating because people go CRAZY here for the Holidays!  And we couldnt even leave the house because it was unsafe the 31st.  So i set goals.  I will be honest.  I shed some tears for 2015.  One of the best years of my life.  I feel so grateful that i was able to be a missionary in this time.  I loved loved loved this special year in my life.  Mostly for everything that it has taught me, and my heart aches thinking that this year is over.  BUT, i am ready for a happy and wonderful new year.  2016!! It will be great i just know it!  

This week we had some wonderful very spiritual lessons.  I love the spirit!  This work is really impossible without him.  

I love you all so much.  I hope that this year may be a year full of spiritual growth and joy found through living the wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ.  

Hermana Neff 

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