Tuesday, January 19, 2016



Ok so this week was a week full of ups and downs!  I truly wish that i could share with you guys the many wonderful experiences that i experience daily.  I have been learning so much that the spirit IS the greatest tool that we have here in missionary work.  I feel like he is constantly guiding me.  There are times when i have to make decisions based on logic, but the spirit always affirms to me that it was the right thing to do.  I love kneeling down at night in my nightly prayers with my heart full of peace and warmth.  Nights in the mission are my favorite... because at the end of the day i love the feeling of fufillment that The Lord gives me.  I find myself thanking Him every day for the mission and the wonderful experience that it is for me.  I feel like i will never truly be able to thank Him enough.  

So we are teaching 3 families right now that are married and very interested in the gospel.  They are all catholic... and wanting to be baptized, but not if it means leaving behind their religion. They all came to church this week so that was great! But there is a lot of work ahead with them. Anyways we have just had some great lessons filled with the spirit and seen such wonderful changes beginning in them.  I think the most frustrating part of missionary work is when people feel peace and feel that the things we are teaching them are true.... but they arent willing to act on the feelings and answers that they recieve.  Sometimes it is heart-breaking, but as missionaries we have to accept their agency (that is, after we have done literally EVERYTHING to get them to change and after The Lord has done all as well)  Sometimes they just wont change.  We do our best to help them! It is such a blessing though to see that when the truths of the gospel ring true to them, their eyes change and they always feel it.  I pray every day that every person i have taught the restoration to in my mission will remember it forever and always remember what they have felt.

We have been getting rained on quite a bit but we are enjoying.  Gotta love missions!!


hermana neff 

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